Reliable Crisis Leadership

Tim’s leadership skills, educational background, medical training and surgical experience make him a proven leader when crisis management is needed. In emergency situations, he’s a calm leader who commands efficiently and makes sound decisions. In the 2009 flood with Mayor Walaker, he helped guide us through an epic event. A city the size of Fargo needs a proven combination of leadership and experience.

Tim is positioned to steer the city through multiple challenges. He makes decisions with integrity, based on what’s good for all of Fargo, its growth, and its future. His character is steady and consistent, not swayed by personal agendas, friendships, or emotional reactions. He’s the leader who will help the city of Fargo evolve into its next, best version.

Proven Government Experience

Tim Mahoney is committed to the job. He’s provided steady leadership, management and vision to the city of Fargo for more than 16 years. His personal integrity and common sense approach to government have inspired logical community development and an economic vision that reaches into the future. He leads by listening, carefully examining all aspects of an issue, and responding with a well thought out solution.

Decades of service have helped develop his pragmatic approach:

  • 7 years as Fargo Mayor
  • 6 years as Fargo Deputy Mayor for Dennis Walaker
  • 9 years as a Fargo City Commissioner
  • 10 years on Greater FM Economic Development Corporation

Tim’s government experience, professional expertise, and steadfast leadership make him the most qualified candidate for Mayor of Fargo. We invite you to learn more about him, contact us with your questions, and show your support for the future of Fargo by re-electing Dr. Tim Mahoney for Mayor on June 14, 2022.

Downtown Fargo, ND Electric Auto Charging Station Dedication
Fargo Fireman Graduation Ceremony

Solid Diplomatic Relationships

Through his years as a City Commissioner and Mayor, Tim has built a high level of trust and respect with neighboring city administrators as well as with local, state, and national leaders in all political parties. The North Dakota Legislators have been very supportive of Fargo’s needs and challenges. Our Congressional leaders have been extremely supportive and secured funding for Fargo’s legacy needs.

Those established relationships, ready to tap, will help him keep producing positive results for all of Fargo, including accelerating flood protection efforts. In the many challenges of the last few years, Tim has established a good working relationship with Governor Burgum. The Governor is especially pleased with our population and economic growth.

ND Governor Doug Burgum and Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney
Mayor Tim Mahoney and US Senator John Hoeven
Mayor Tim Mahoney and Amy Klobuchar

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • As Mayor, the City of Fargo has experienced record growth and development, weathering the COVID pandemic with continued economic growth and resiliency.
  • Building permits grew from $250 million yearly to an average of $625 million yearly, currently standing at $740 million.
  • The city continues to fight COVID with testing and vaccinations for the metro area. Bars and restaurants were helped with grants to decrease their utility costs. Rent assistance kept people in their homes and apartments.
  • Tim’s CIP plan will repair and upgrade streets and water and wastewater systems throughout the city. Water breaks have been reduced to fewer than 50 each year from 600 a year.
  • Funding for flood projection and projected build over the next six years is in place. Our metro team is flood proofing Fargo, which means stable economic growth.
  • The RRVWS project to move water from the Missouri River to the eastern side of the state has started, meaning drought protection for the community.
  • The city continues to find ways to decrease its carbon footprint and increase efficiency, including preparing for electric cars with charging stations already in place. Streetlights are being changed to LED for more efficiency and less carbon footprint.
  • Tim’s work on social issues includes creating policies around homelessness, and grants for rent, and business utilities. He is committed to helping continue to address the needs of vulnerable populations.
  • First responders continue to be supported with body cameras for the city’s police force and a new south side fire station.
  • The city’s budget has been balanced with a decrease of mils of 6.25 on residential property.
  • A new specials policy decreases the homeowners share on rehab projects and decreases everyone’s administrative costs.


Tim Mahoney is committed to the job. He’s provided steady leadership, management and vision to the city of Fargo for more than 16 years.

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Veteran's Day
Prairie Sodbuster sculpture dedication - Fargo, ND